If you need further information about Be Lamp...you can find here below the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Which bottle should I get in order to make a bottle lamp?

Any bottle can be used, both a sealed, corked one and an uncorked, empty one. You only need to buy the device Be Lamp suitable for the kind of bottle you want to use and in few minutes you will be able to create your bottle lamp. You can also buy separately our lampshadesand light bulbs directly from the on line shop.

Accordion Panel

It’ a very easy to decide: you have just to measure the outer diameter of the neck/ring of your bottle. If the measure you get is between 27 and 30.5 mm you have to buy “normalsize”; on the contrary if the measure is between 31 and 35 mm you need the “big size”. Normalsize is usually suitable for bottles as bordelaise, albeisa, straw bottle wine. Big size can be used for bottles as Champagnotta, magnum or bottles of booze. However if you still have some doubts, you can write us to info@be-lamp.com and we will suggest you for the best.

I have got an old bottle of the '60s in my cellar which is still full of wine and I would like to use it to make a lamp: should I open and empty it?

No, you don’t. The originality of our device lies in the possibility to make amazing lamps from corked and sealed bottles, without having to empty them.You can make your lamp directly from your bottle before drinking its content and after, when it’s empty, you can re-create the lamp.

I have got a half full bottle of liquor in my closet and I would like to use it to make a bottle lamp: can I make it with your device?

Of course you can. You can install our device on the half full bottle and drink its content whenever you want: you just have to remove the device and then install it again. You could therefore use your bottle as a lamp while waiting to finish its content.

In order to make my bottle lamp should I make holes or use special tools?

Absolutely not. The kit we will send you is already ready to be installed on the bottle; you just have to buy the lampshade and the light bulb separately, if you want, also from our on line shop.

Where can I buy the device Be Lamp?

You can buy the device on line from our e- commerce or in the best wine shops and/ or restaurants of different areas. In case you can contact us to know which is your nearest shop.

I'm a shop owner and I would like to become one of your retailer

Contact us to the address info@be-lamp.com or call us to the number +3905731942550 every day- Monday to Friday- from 9 to 12 and we will give you all the necessary information.


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